About Us

The Mduduzi Manana Foundation was founded in 2012 with the sole aim of contributing meaningfully to vulnerable and marginalised communities in South Africa, through development interventions in the area of education, focusing on Early Childhood Development (ECD), Basic Education and Higher Education.
The foundation was initiated by its patron, a respected entrepreneur and South African politician, Mr Mduduzi Manana (who previously served as the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training and he also served as the country’s Member of Parliament for 10 years).
Mr Mduduzi Manana hails from Ermelo, Mpumalanga province and he possesses the following academic qualifications:
• BA Degree in Politics and Sociology (University of KwaZulu-Natal)
• BA (Honours) Degree in International Politics (University of South Africa)

The foundation holds a strong belief that education becomes an immediate equalizer for the large population of youth who come from vulnerable communities. Our primary goal is to create a rather enabling environment for learning for our youth through the provision of educational opportunities & tailor-made solutions which will, in the end, bolster and guarantee their participation in the mainstream economy of our country.

The foundation has also identified a gap in the area of Early Childhood Development (ECD) wherein institutions are not sufficiently equipped to support vulnerable children to succeed in their learning. Our approach is to play a catalytic role which will:

  • (1) support the development of innovative solutions in education that are unlikely to be generated by schools working alone; and
  • (2) trigger change on a much broader scale.

We also seek to support learners who have an interest in participating in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) initiatives in order to improve their future absorption into post-secondary schooling and thus improve their employment prospects. This will also help stimulate South Africa's economic growth in a great way.

The foundation also invests its resources in ensuring that learners from high schools are assisted to seamlessly move to colleges and universities in order earn post-secondary qualifications which will, in turn, increase their eligibility to employment opportunities.